Wednesday, October 04, 2006

You're No Roy Rogers
Watching the Ohio Gubernatorial debate...

Ken Blackwell just told Ted: "I knew Roy Rogers- and you're no Roy Rogers".

Which seems like a weird thing to say- until you realize that Ted Strickland grew up on the same street as Roy Rogers (Duck Run- near Lucasville, Ohio)


Ohio's next governor on the same street as the founder of an overpriced, build-your-own hamburger chain!


I have very vivid childhood memories of traveling Ohio and Pennsylvania's highways, begging my parents to stop at the next exit so we could eat at Roy Rogers.

Recently returning to Ohio- I was shocked to find all of the Roy Rogers restaurants replaced by Sbarro and Starbucks.

Sure- the Strickland-and-Rogers-growing-up-on-the-same-street thing was a little more suprising...

But neither was nearly as shocking as the information I am about to reveal.

Hold on to your cowboy hat parters, 'cause this is big.


The Roy Rogers restaurant chain is actually named after a famous cowboy actor from the 50's!

No- seriously. That's his picture there- just in case you don't believe me.

He sang that "happy traaaaaaails, to you..." song- AND he had a horse that could count!

And I'm sure you are thinking the same thing as me:

What about Kenny Rogers Roasters...

Wasn't THAT the first restaurant chain named after a famous cowboy actor?!






I completely forgot that I was actually trying to write a blog post about something stupid that Ken Blackwell said during the debate.


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