Sunday, November 20, 2005

Next Generation Candle Technology

I just saw a commercial for this absurd product. Supposedly it is “the most significant enhancement to happen to the candle in many years.”

Intrigued, I went to their website for more information.

It turns out that the Colorfusion™ Candle is just a regular candle that sits on an opaque plastic tube. Inside the tube are some colored LEDs that turn on when the candle is lit.

Quite an enhancement. Very significant. But this next-generation candle technology is not without problems...

According to, "The candle will burn for 40-45 hours and the light show will last for approximately 25 total hours." So you really only get the enhanced candle for the first day- then you just have a regular candle in an ugly, plastic candle holder.

And, unlike a regular candle, this whole contraption needs to be stored in a special, light-proof box because the LED light show can be triggered by sunlight or bright incandescent/fluorescent lights.


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