Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Pushing the Polls

Last December, The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported "Blackwell's campaign has paid almost $15,000 since last year to ccAdvertising" to conduct automated "push-polls".

"The automated calls are amassing ... voter information while sometimes spreading negative messages about Blackwell's leading Republican rival, Attorney General Jim Petro..."

That was December. That was the primary.

I downloaded Blackwell's 2006 expenses yesterday (from
his OSOS site).

Since December, the Blackwell campaign has paid ccAdvertising an additional $111,346!

I'm guessing Ken has already prepared a bunch of "surveys" aimed at conservative Christian voters. I figure they go something like this:

Press "1" if you support Ken's pro-family (homophobic), pro-life (misogynistic) platform.
Press "2" if you are a queer-lovin', baby-killer like Ted.
Press "3" to donate money to Ken Blackwell's campaign.

If only Ken could pay someone to push him up in the polls that count.


Blogger Christopher King said...

Yeah I sincerely detest him and everything he stands for; read and listen along here as I track him from back when I wrote a story about him in 1989.



1:04 AM  

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