Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Blackwell's New Math

You can't compare the results of two different polls.

But that's exactly what the most recent press release from the Blackwell campaign does.

Here is their logic:

1. Last week's Dispatch poll showed Ken down by 20 points.
2. Today's Rasmussen poll only shows Ken down by 11 points.
3. Therefore Ken has gained 9 points in "the polls".

This certainly is a misrepresentation of the facts- if not a straight up lie.

The truth is, Blackwell has actually gained 2 points since the last Rasmussen poll in June- and three points since the poll in May.

Results from the last three Rasmussen polls (Strickland to Blackwell)

May 18, 2006 : 52% to 36%
June 27, 2006 : 50% to 37%
August 1, 2006 : 50% to 39%


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