Friday, August 04, 2006

Won't Get Fooled Again
Ken Blackwell and his campaign staff have consistantly failed to connect with Ohio voters- especially African-Americans.

And it seems like they are honestly surprised that their extreme and divisive stance on social issues isn’t warmly received by all straight Christians.

But it’s the black voters that really have Ken’s all white campaign staff scratching their heads in amazement and asking: why don’t they support Ken- he’s one of them.

Now it seems someone on the campaign finally recognized the retardedness of their “blacks will vote for our candidate because he’s black” theory. But, instead of showing flexibility and insight by modifying their message to appeal to a different group of voters, they came up with another equally retard but much more racist theory: “blacks will vote for our candidate because we told them to”.

This new theory has spawned a new plan (Plan B) to “cut into the traditional stronghold Democrats have on the black vote”. The first step in the execution of Plan B: hire LeBron James’ publicist to “coordinate the Blackwell campaign's outreach to black voters”.

Good lord! Why would a black politician need to hire a publicist to help him reach black voters? And will it help?

Sure, given the short memory of the American electorate, it isn’t unreasonable to think that a good publicist could “help” some voters forget that Ken screwed them once in the last election.

Shame on Ken.

But after getting screwed a second time in the recent primary elections, and with Ken preparing to do it a third time in November, trying to convince voters that Ken is “one of them” is going to take a lot more work that promoting a young basketball player with exceptional talent.

Ken Blackwell is no LeBron James.

And, regardless of what the publicist says, Millionaire Ken Blackwell is nothing like the people in Cuyahoga County- Ohio’s largest county with a 28.8% African-American population and, more than likely, where Plan B will focus on winning votes.

For example, we don’t know exactly how much money Ken made last year (because he won’t release his tax records) but we can assume he probably took home a hell of a lot more than $39,440- the median household income in Cuyahoga Country.

How else could he afford his house in Columbus AND his 7 room condo in Cincinnatti valued at $550,000 when the average Cuyahoga County home is worth only $113,800?

Plan B is going to backfire revealing Ken Blackwell as the opportunistic shit he really he. Cuyahoga County voters will reject him in an ironic twist of fate (and words): "Fool me twice--won't get fooled again!"


Blogger Lee Hartsfeld said...

"Straight Christians"? Do you mean heterosexual Christians?

Blackwell can't possibly be surprised that the Christian support isn't 100 percent. Please. For starters, he's portraying Strickland as something other than a man of God--an attitude the Parsley types harbor toward all moderate to liberal Christians. Of which there are many, even in Ohio. So he can't possibly expect the support of same. Blackwell lacks political savvy, but he's anything but a dummy.

As for Ohioans not getting fooled again, you have more faith than I!


5:43 PM  

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