Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ponch Wants You to Move to Arkansas
Erik Estrada is the host of an informercial for homesites in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. I saw it this afternoon on CNBC.

Why, you might ask, should I move to the middle of Arkansas?

Well, there is the obvious answer: You might run into Erik on the golf course.

The other reason is provided, during this extremely long commercial, through testimonials by local residents. The testimonials tell you that there is "no crime" and that this "is a great place to raise your kids." In addition, you can, if you so desire, participate in one of the many "activities" or, if you prefer, you can relax, undisturbed, in this "peaceful" community.

Allow me translate this for you:

  • low crime rates and a good place to raise you kids = lots of other white people
  • activities and relaxation = lots of other old people

The Census Numbers support my translation. Your typical Hot Springs Village resident is much whiter and much older than your average Arkansan.

  • 65 years and older : 57% vs 14% State Avg. (12% national avg.)
  • One Race-White: 98% vs 80% State Avg. ( 74% national avg)

And, even though you could raise your kids here- no one does. Only 1.5% of the residents are under the age of 5- much lower than the state/national average of about 7%.

Want to live with a bunch of other old, white people in a retirement community in the middle of Arkasas where less than 1% of the population is black (state avg: 16%- national avg: 12.3%)?

Then Hot Springs Village might just be your new home.


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