Thursday, August 10, 2006

You down with OPPC?
Ken Blackwell went to the Ohio State Fair... "At the O’Neill Building, he spoke to hog farmers and the 2006 Pork Queen"....

According to the rules set forth by the Ohio Pork Producers Council: “The purpose of the queen program is to improve the image of pork and pork producers. The queen will serve as a goodwill ambassador for the Pork Industry.”

And what enlightened, insightful and relevant information did Ken share with these dedicated, pork-producing small-business owners and their newly-crowned queen?

"Most people don’t know that we lead the nation in the production of Swiss cheese."

Out-of-touch city-dwellers like Mr. Blackwell (and his speech writers) may think that all farm folk are the same. But the truth is: hog farmers couldn't give a shit about cows and their products (e.g. cheese).

So when Ken proudly declared that “one of his one top policy advisors was a former Sheep and Wool Queen", I’m sure the Pork Queen, and all of her supporters, dropped their jaws in amazement. Expecting applause, or at least a polite chuckle, Ken found his comment met only with the sad squeeling of prize-winning pigs- made audible when all of the humans in attendence fell silent- amazed by this ridiculously stupid remark.

Note to Ken’s Speech Writers: The LAST thing you want to tell a room full of HOG farmers is: I have a SHEEP industry representative as my policy advisor.

Oh- one more thing: If you are going to lie- at least get your facts straight… There IS a “Lamb and Wool” Queen, but “Sheep and Wool” have no associated crown.


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