Tuesday, November 21, 2006

RAB- yeah you know me (because everyone else is BLOCKED)

Since my blocked status prevents me from posting on Right-Angle-Blah (see previous post), I guess I'll post my response here...

First off- I'm not sure which brain-dead, right-wing nutjob is posting this crap (they all seemed to be named Matt or Matthew) but I'm guessing it's Naugle. Which only makes sense, since the facts are all fucked up - as usual.

Let's start with the title: Ted & the Pedophile, revisited.

Catching, Nasty and- in typical "mathew" style- completely untrue.

(blah blah NAMBLA blah blah)

FACT: no one that worked for Ted Strickland has ever been accused of pedophilia. For the full story on THAT topic, check out Brian's Post on Plunderbund.


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