Monday, November 06, 2006

Ohio Effective Government Project?
Had a message on my machine this weekend from the "Ohio Effective Government Project" ...

[Listen to Message]

It is a Debra Pryce add- straight up. Mentions her name in the very first sentence.

However- I can find no information about this group except this brief description on OpenSecrets- which says that the group has reported ZERO contributions and ZERO expends:

Stated Purpose
To educate Ohioans concerning issues of vital importance to their daily lives such as the national and state economies, national defense and security, health care, and education, and to inform them of the positions of elected officials and candidates on these issues. To directly or indirectly accept contributions or make expenditures, or both, for exempt function activities within the meaning of section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Email Address

Established Date

Contact Person
Beth Waldren

Contact Address
14 E. Gay Street, Suite 400Columbus, OH 43215


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