Thursday, October 26, 2006

Breaking News: Scott Pullins is STILL a Huge Dick

Scott Pullins has again proven that any poor schmuck can get mentioned in the press just by being a huge dick.

His latest tactic involves writing extremely nasty and unbelievable crap about someone that actually does matter: Ted Strickland.

But Scott and his family have been acting like dicks for years.

This story is a good example...

Attorney general will not intervene

By Nick Worner, News Staff Writer
07:06 AM, Thursday, May 11, 2006

MOUNT VERNON — Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro’s Office will not intervene in an ongoing dispute between the Apple Valley Property Owners Association and local attorney Scott Pullins.

On May 3, Pullins issued a press release stating that the Attorney General’s Office was investigating the AVPOA for the “potential illegal removal” of his wife, Kathy Elliot Pullins, from the organization’s board of directors. He stated he was informed of the investigation via a conference call with Petro’s office.

Bob Beasley, spokesman for the Attorney General, said Petro’s office lacks the jurisdiction to investigate Pullins’ claims and denied there was an investigation.

“There is no investigation ... not from this office,” said Beasley. “We determined that the property owners association is not a charitable trust, therefore the Attorney General’s Office does not have jurisdiction in this matter.”

In the press release, Pullins stated that he, his wife and his in-laws were harassed by the AVPOA after Mrs. Pullins became suspicious of “fraud, mismanagement and misspending of association resources” and requested documents from the AVPOA.

In March, the board voted unanimously to remove Mrs. Pullins from her position.

Pullins alleges this dismissal was “without reason or cause”; the AVPOA states Mrs. Pullins was dismissed for “just cause” in accordance with the group’s bylaws.

In its official statement, the AVPOA stated that an outside accounting firm conducts an annual independent audit of the group’s financial activities. The audits have found no “mismanagement, misspending, or any other improper activity,” according to the AVPOA.

Pullins also states the AVPOA illegally closed a roadway in Apple Valley on Election Day in November 2005. Pullins, who was a candidate for township trustee in the election, said the closure forced voters to take a lengthy detour in order to get to a polling station.

Pullins also filed litigation against the AVPOA after a Jan. 6 confrontation with the president of the AVPOA board, Carl Holmes, in which Pullins alleged that he was physically attacked. Pullins stated that after the incident, he and his family received threats and harassment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. There are "rumors" circulating that everything within the family ranks aren't well and good. Any truth that there may be divorce preceedings within the Pullins household? "Rumors" are that he pulled a gun and threatened his bride. How does that rank with lifestyle judgments of other fellow political partners??? Personally, I would rather have a gay politician in office any day over a loose cannon like Pullins......

3:16 PM  

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