Sunday, March 04, 2007

My stick is sharpened… what was that return address again?
You can buy all kinds of crazy, politically-themed crap these days.

This, for example, is something called a "Postage Pal™". It contains a mildly funny joke comparing two likely Democratic candidates to a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

A Postage Pal appears to be nothing more than a sticker that the buyer is supposed to attach to the front of an envelope prior to affixing the proper postage.

I am not exactly sure who the target audience is for something like this. I do know that it would certainly be inappropriate for any type of business or professional correspondence- and the humor would certainly be lost on the person processing your phone bill.

It should probably be excluded from your yearly batch of Christmas cards- but it might find an interested and enthusiastic audience among the people processing your donation to the ultra-conservative, faith-based charity of your choice.

Whatever you do- don't send it to me... because I have my stick sharpened- and google maps all ready to give me directions to your house.


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