Sunday, January 14, 2007

Twenty-Twenty-Twenty Four Hours- Oh No!
Let me start by saying that I like the show 24- even if it is on FOX and even though, in a recent post on RAB, Matt confesses his love for it.

I will admit, there certainly are a lot of things for creepy, right-angled weirdos like Herr Naugle to love about this show. But it is not, as he claims, "the most Republican show of all time".

His statement, however, is not at all suprising.

That's because Matt doesn't understand the difference between being a Republican (i.e. a member of the more 'conservative' of the two political parties in the US) and being a right-winged kook.

In reality, the most Republican TV show of all time would have to be one of the many sit-coms from the 50's or early 60's (Leave it to Beaver, Andy Griffith, etc.)- simple and conservative with lots of white people in traditional family roles.

24, on the other hand, has none of this. It is a tense serial drama about terrorism and torture. It even has TWO black presidents!

Matt and the Republicans will agree on one thing: it's AWESOME that everyone on 24 gets their news from the FOX News Network. The terrorists, CTU (The anti-terrorists) and even the President of the United States; everyone on 24 is watching FOX.

But the more subtle, more serious stuff - the stuff that really gets wingnut juices flowing- would actually be offensive, or just ignored, by most true Republicans.

For example, in the attached photo, Jack Bauer is stabbing some Arab terrorist in the neck with a pen in front of an American flag curtin (see photo).

I'm sure a socially conservative Repubican would be offended by the image, if he wasn't already in bed.

A fiscally conservative Republican, if still awake, would be watching the stock reports from Asia instead of some sit-com on Fox.

Personally, I found it quite amusing.

But Matt and his crew?

They spent the next commercial break quickly and quietly (so as not to wake up Mother) zipping up their pants and cleaning off the TV screen with a tissue.


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