Monday, January 08, 2007

All Signs Point To...
I have always wondered who was responsible for changing all of those signs that show the name of the Governor- and how soon, after the new Governor takes office, the signs are changed.

Well- I'd like to thank the Toledo Blade for answering one part of this question.

According to the Blade, "Minutes (after Strickland is sworn in as Ohio's new Governor), workers plan to scrape Mr. Taft’s name from the window of the door of the office and replace it with Mr. Strickland’s."

This certainly makes sense. You can't be a respected leader with some other guy's name on your office door.

But what about all of the other signs? Like the really big ones that currently say: WELCOME TO OHIO – Bob Taft, Governor.

Will those all be updated? By whom? When?

Here's a better question: will Ted put his name up there too?

It seems like a waste of our tax dollars to change these perfectly good street signs every few years just to promote a recently elected official .

I did a little research (very little, actually) and found a photo of the Welcome to Ohio sign from the early 70's- and a more recent one.

You'll notice that they didn't used to have the name of the Governor on the sign.


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