Monday, December 12, 2005

Political Analyst Field Guide

When it comes to identifying faces I am really bad and my girlfriend is really good. This is especially true with the analysts that appear on political talkshows.

I always end up asking "Which one is this again?"
My girlfriend will look up from her knitting and glance briefly at the tv. Without missing a stitch she will answer "Craig Crawford"- or whatever the guy's name is.

It's amazing! She is right every time. I don't even guess anymore. I'm always wrong.

What I need is a field guide to talkshow political analysts.

A compact book full of pictures and sketches outlining the unique physical characteristics ( e.g. Crawford is the only one who parts his hair on the right) and behaviors ( e.g. Fineman tends to smirk to the left ) of this complex species of tv personality.


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