Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Great Seal of the State of Ohio

I grew up here in Ohio- and have seen this Great Seal my whole life. I remember learning, in Ohio Studies class, about the significance of each object on the seal e.g. there are 17 arrows because Ohio was the 17th state. The wheat for agriculture. Lots of rivers. The mountain? Well... maybe- somewhere near West Virginia. You get the point.

The seal is fine- as far as seals go. Lots of sybols inside a circle.

The words around the circle, however, always confused me. Actually- just one word: Great.

Notice that it is not "The Seal of the Great State of Ohio"- as you would expect.

It's the "Great Seal".

Like I said- the seal is fine. It certainly doesn't suck. But great?

My seventh grade Ohio Studies teacher didn't know why the seal was so great- and, so it seems, neither does the Department of Transportation.


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