Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Local Flavor at the Cobble Hill Cinema
I like the Cobble Hill Cinema and consider it my local movie theatre- mainly because it is a few blocks from my house in Brooklyn. We went there yesterday to watch Syriana- and about half way through the movie, the projector fizzled out.

While they spent the next half hour trying to fix it- the screen was occupied by the most ridiculous ads I've ever seen. That part was funny. Especially the strip club ad followed by the "kids club" movie trivia.

The music was not funny at all. Have you heard the new Christmas song by Captain and Tennile ? Of course you haven't. Listening to it is nearly impossible. Anyone not dedicated to seeing the second half of a movie would surely have walked out of the room.

The worst part is: the projector was never fixed. We never got the see the movie AND we had to suffer through that horrible music. Next time I'm bringing my mp3 player.


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