Thursday, January 05, 2006

Cobble Hill Cinema's Cell Phone Scare Tactic

This sign, posted throughout the theatre, is funny for so many reasons. The poorly drawn cell phone, for example, with the electricity coming out of the antenna. The excessive use of exclamation points (8 in all) only makes the bad grammar more funny: "Use of Cell Phones Are Unlawful in Entire Building".

But the best part is the threat of a $50.00 fine and the use of the word "Unlawful".

Even if there was a law- which I find hard to believe- it would be impossible to enforce.

How do you identify the person with the ringing phone? And who is going to write the ticket? The NYPD is certainly not going to send an officer out to the theatre.

This sign did, in fact, help me remember to turn off my phone only because I was still laughing about it when I took my seat.


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