Monday, August 14, 2006

Bigger Tents
Ken Mehlmon was in Ohio last week insisting that Ned Lamont’s primary win over Joe Leiberman proves that “defeatism and isolationism are now Democratic Party orthodoxy.”

The GOP, he claims, is “a big-tent party, where independent voices like Mike DeWine, Ken Blackwell and George Voinovich are welcomed.”

Oh yes, I forgot. The Republicans all get along and agree on everything. Especially these three guys…

Remember the love in Ken Blackwell’s TV ads during this year’s primary election for Ohio Governor? You know- the ones where he trashes his opponent (Petro) AND the current Republican governor (Taft), accusing Petro of having "ethics worse than Taft’s."

Oh- and let’s not forget the negative ads run by the Club for Growth ** against Voinovich and other Republican Senators who didn’t jump on Bush’s tax-cutting bandwagon.

Even Dewine is forced to take sides sometimes…

BLITZER: Do you believe, Senator DeWine, that George W. Bush has run an honorable campaign?

SEN. MIKE DEWINE (R), OHIO: You know, Wolf, we're going to have to go forward after this election with one of these two candidates, and I just tell you that one of the things I have found, constituents yesterday when I was going door to door in Canton, Ohio found irritating, and that is the fact that this Texas billionaire put $2 million into this race, and a lot of that has shown up in the state of Ohio. And I think people think that's just not right.
(from CNN Late Edition, March 5, 2000)

Ladies and Gentlemen...
Welcome to the NEW Republican Party
Now with a NEW, Bigger Tent

** Wikipedia : “In 2004, the Club for Growth caused a stir within the Republican Party by endorsing and heavily supporting U.S. Representative Pat Toomey, who challenged incumbent Senator Arlen Specter in the Republican primary in Pennsylvania. The organization was reported to have collected contributions totaling $800,000 for Toomey. It also spent $1 million on its own independent television advertising campaign on Toomey's behalf. Despite this overwhelming support, Toomey lost the race, and then proceeded to take his current position of president of the Club for Growth.”


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