Thursday, August 24, 2006

Gay-hating misogynist to lead Blackwell's Campaign in Cincinnati
Charlie Winburn is going to lead Blackwell's campaign in Hamilton County-

From his picture, you would think that he was a pretty sane and reasonable guy.

But no one like that works on Ken's campaign- and this guy is no exception.

Cinci black bloggers have called him a fool and claim that he "used drugs and eventually left his first wife" and "preached intolerance against gays".

What a surprise! A crazy, conservative, gay-hating preacher working on the Blackwell campaign.

Anyway, he is also:

  • A Former City Council Member and a failed Republican mayoral candidate in Cincinnati

  • Pastor of the Ridge Acres Christian Center and founder of "Encampment", a biblical training camp in Cincinnati.

  • Author of Releasing the Money Anointing- a self-help book that teaches the reader how to get money from God.

  • Author of "Ruling and Reigning in the '90s" in which he claims that it is the job of Christians to "elect only born-again Christians to public office". He also writes that a wife "must be taught what her boundaries are".


Blogger Christopher King said...

Good work.

But you are scratching the surface. I'm in touch with the folks from Blacks Against Blackwell and shared this with them:

A lot of information in them thar links!


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