Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Stem Cell Issue Divides Republicans

If you want to know if the politicians from your state are sucking on the tit of the evangelical christians, then ask them about stem cell research.

Tell them that China is going to be the world leader in stem cell research.

Tell them that a federal grant for stem cell research will bring a bunch of job-creating, economy-boosting, FREE federal money home to your state.

If they tell you it is immoral- then you know where their loyalties fall. And you know who to vote OUT OF OFFICE this year.

Any politician that puts aside national pride, the economy AND the promise of pork has been lured over to the dark side.

I predict THIS will be THE issue, stem cell research, to will finally bring the republicans to their senses.

We saw it recently on a national level when the Republican president vetoed the Cell Research Enhancement Act- a bill supported by 51 house republicans.

And we are seeing it now in Ohio.

Ken Blackwell recently commented that embryonic stem cell research is the "harvesting human life in the name of research".

I guess he didn't get the memo.

Deborah Pryce did. In a recent television ad, she says that "modern science is at the cusp of finding cures and stem cell research is a huge part of this."

This makes her independent, says the ad. Some may call her immoral or disloyal.

I just think it means that she isn't totally retarded.

Anyway- for a guy who wants to be the "black Ronald Reagan", he might want to start listening to the former president's wife and son on this issue.

Or else he might end up being known as the guy who wouldn't fund research that could have saved Ronald Reagan- making him very unpopular at republican parties.


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