Saturday, August 19, 2006

The War Comes Home to Ohio

By September, Congress will have spent over $318.5 billion on Bush's poorly-planned war in Iraq.

According to a recent Reuters article, that money "has done little to help ordinary Iraqis". The Iraqi economy is in "deep trouble" and "inflation has soared since the 2003 invasion, sapping the living standards of Iraqis".

But we aren't finished yet.

If we continue to stay this retarded course, we will need to find an additional $50 billion to complete the reconstruction along with another $1 billion a year to maintain it.

But the war hasn't just made life worse for Iraqis.

The war will cost Ohio taxpayers $11.2 BILLION. That's money that could have been used for to address issues important to Ohioans such as crime, jobs, healthcare and education.

For example, Ohio could have used that money to:

  • Hire 258,619 Public Safety Officers
  • Hire 227,647 Port Container Inspectors
  • Provide Health Care for 5,995,436 children
  • Give Scholarships to 1,679,651 University Students
  • Build 1,257 New Elementary Schools


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