Saturday, August 26, 2006

A quick note to the person who changed Ken's Wikipedia entry
Let me start by saying: I'm sure your heart was in the right place.

But PLEASE give me a call the next time you are thinking about doing something like this.

I PROMISE you I can find something better to say than Ken Blackwell "currently serves as the dictorial Republican idiot to George W. Bush."

If nothing else- I will tell you that "dictorial" isn't a word. And that you were probably trying to say "dictAtorial" ("of or pertaining to a dictator or dictatorship")- which IS a word, but really not that funny.

What about Dick-datorial? That would have gotten a chuckle, at least.

The other, more important thing I will say is: try to be a little more subtle.

If, for no other reason than your change will take much longer to get noticed. Also, it will probably be much funnier.

For example...
  • I heard he has a large collection of antique teapots and he really loves opera.
  • I heard his kids middle names are all from the muppets.
  • I heard there was an article from his college newspaper listing him as one of the students caught molesting a sheep.


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