Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Debate Worth Watching
The first Strickland/Blackwell debate will start in less than an hour.

Blackwell is a tall, intimidating fellow who some expect to dominate the debates.

But Strickland has done a great job of getting the jump on Blackwell throughout the campaign- and I'd like to see him continue that in the debates.

Here is my suggestion: interrupt Blackwell during his opening remarks. It might go something like this...

Blackwell's opening remarks:
"The system is broken, we all kn-"

Strickland interupts:
"blah blah blah" (making talking gesture with his hand)
Silence in the room.

"Jesus, Kenny- do you EVER stop whining?"
A few people in the audience laugh.

"*I* think this state is AWESOME!"
Room erupts with applause.

"But all my opponent does is complain, complain, complain."
Clapping continues...

"Mr. Blackwell…. why do you hate Ohio?"
Audience boos Blackwell.


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