Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hope you are doing good

I just received an email regarding a job in Edison, NJ. This is how the letter started:


Hope you are doing good, I have seen your resume on job portal, . We do have an urgent opening

Putting aside the fact that I don't live anywhere near Edison, NJ (mistake #1)- how many additional mistakes can you count in the first sentence of this letter?

Here are the ones that I found:

1. There is no comma after "hi". And "hi" is really not a proper greeting for a message like this.
2. "doing good"?
3. "have seen"? I would prefer "I saw your resume"- but maybe that's just a personal preference.
4. "on job portal" should be "on the job portal" or maybe "on a job portal"
5. there is a random comma after "job portal"- followed immediately by a period
6. Oh- and there is no period at the end of the sentence


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