Thursday, September 14, 2006

One of these e-coli symptoms is not like the others
Which of the following symptoms is NOT associated with e. coli:

A. Bloody diarrhea
B. Vomiting
C. Fever
D. Severe abdominal cramps
E. Tiredness
F. None of the above

According to CNN- the answer is F. None of the above.

However, if you answered E- then you get two extra credit points for not calling your doctor every afternoon about 2:30 pm...

No, Dr. Dave, this time I REALLY think I have it!

No- no- no bloody diarrhea yet- but I'm really, really tired....


Blogger dirtgirl said...

staying up all night puking is very tiring.

could someone explain how you get e.coli in spinach? is someone pooping on it before they put it in the bags?

11:11 PM  

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