Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Loves and Hates of Courtney
Ohio Representative Courtney Eric Combs recently introduced a bill (H. B. No. 553) "to require the use of the English language by state and local government entities in official actions and proceedings"

This will certainly win him support with certain Ohio voters. But if he really wants to win over the "I ain't voting for no guy named Courtney!" voters, he needs to give this bill a snazzy name.

These voters aren't going to read the bill- so it needs to have a really good name that appeals to their emotions. Maybe something like: the "Speak the Language Or Get Out Of My State" bill. Or maybe the "I Hate Mexicans Too" bill.

And while he is at it, some of his other bills could use a new name too. Something that shows that Courtney loves and hates the right people...

H. B. No. 303 - the "I Love Children" Bill
This is a bill "to adopt the children's book Lentil as the official children's book of the state and to designate its author, Robert McCloskey, as the official children's book author of the state."

H. B. No. 318 - one of many "I Hate Sex Offenders" Bills
This bill requires "every convicted offender who is sentenced as a sexually violent predator under the Sexually Violent Predator Sentencing Law be sentenced to a term of life imprisonment without parole."


Blogger AberrantEquation said...

One more thing:

In Hamilton, OH, 2.58% of the population are of Hispanic or Latino of any race.

Much lower that the 12.5% across the whole US.



2:43 PM  

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