Sunday, May 20, 2007

Blacks, Jews and Babies?
I saw this ridiculous bumper sticker on a car at the grocery store that attempts to equate Slavery and Genocide with Abortion:

Enough said.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Truth Booth?
I was in Cleveland last weekend- at the Tower City Mall- when I came across this crazy thing called the "Truth Booth".

Sitting between the cell phone booth and the jewelry booth, this cheesy, mall-based display of unborn baby pictures was a serious embarrassment to the 'pro-life' campaign.

According to the signage, the "truth boof" claimed to have "4D ultrasound" images. (I assume the 4th 'D' is time- which is hardly something to brag about. I would have TOTALLY been impressed by a 5D display- assuming the 5th 'D' was, of course, the TWIGHLIGHT ZONE.)

Anyway... I REALLY wanted to stop and 'talk' with the group of old dudes sitting around the display - but I was carrying a bunch of luggage and decided to come back later- but no one was there when I came back.

So, anyway, I just checked out their website and found even MORE ridiculous info:

* State the facts scientifically by referring to the brochures. (I MUST get one of those brochures ... ha!)
* Withhold from discussing any issues. The images of the baby speak for themselves. (ha HA!)
* Locate in area malls to better reach the youth. (HA HA HA!)