Sunday, November 26, 2006

This is not your beautiful phone...

Closed Captioning mistakes on the local news are certainly understandable- but a nation-wide commercial for Sprint?

This is a screen shot of the part of the commercial when "You're Beautiful" is playing.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Ohio Still "Makes Things"
Reading a recent BSB post about how Ohio's economy has changed- i.e. we no longer "make things"- I was reminded of something I see all over the country... the name of misc. Ohio companies on all kinds of restroom and restaurant products.

For example, the paper toilet covers at the airport in Salt Lake City were made in Highland Heights, OH (see picture below).

I couldn't find a NAICS classification code for Toilet and Toilet-Related Products- but they do have one for Paper Products (manufacturing) and the statistics show this industry going strong in Ohio: almost 300 companies with nearly 30,000 paid employees.

So, at least we have that going for us.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sweethearts not bleeding hearts
Conservative claims to be "The place for Conservative Singles, Conservative Events, and more. Find people who share your cultural, political and religious values. With a culture that is often hostile to conservative values our goal is to provide alternative resources. "

But don't get too excited, boys- because you will never meet the girl in the ad.

Instead, you'll end up meeting one of these winners...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

RAB- yeah you know me (because everyone else is BLOCKED)

Since my blocked status prevents me from posting on Right-Angle-Blah (see previous post), I guess I'll post my response here...

First off- I'm not sure which brain-dead, right-wing nutjob is posting this crap (they all seemed to be named Matt or Matthew) but I'm guessing it's Naugle. Which only makes sense, since the facts are all fucked up - as usual.

Let's start with the title: Ted & the Pedophile, revisited.

Catching, Nasty and- in typical "mathew" style- completely untrue.

(blah blah NAMBLA blah blah)

FACT: no one that worked for Ted Strickland has ever been accused of pedophilia. For the full story on THAT topic, check out Brian's Post on Plunderbund.

My Account on Right Angle Blog: BLOCKED
This is the message I received from RAB when I tried to post a response to their retarded post: How do Homeless People Afford an Attorney?

The username AberrantEquation has been blocked.

Anybody else wanna sign in an leave the appropriate comments?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Why We Didn't Win More...

"I wanted to vote but I had to dye my hair and watching Tommy Boy..."

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Issue 3 a Poor Substitute for REAL Gambling
Nevada, as you might have heard, has a real gambling industry that provides real tax revenue to the state. So much revenue, in fact, that the state has had a surplus for the past three years.

In Reno, the local paper runs articles with headlines line: Gubernatorial candidates debate how to spend tax revenue.

Could you imagine seeing a headline like that in the Plain Dealer?

Well- if you believe the ads for Issue 3- then you might well be expecting just that.

You might think that Issue 3 is the first step toward getting REAL gambling in Ohio.

But it's not.

Issue 3 is just like Issue 4: a constitutional ammendment put on the ballot by signatures PURCHASED by big business and promoted with ads PAID FOR by the same businesses.

I am all for gambling in Ohio- real gambling- not a couple of slot machines at a race track- which is all Issue 3 will provide.

One way of doing that successfully is with a plan like the one in PA that was passed by their legislature, not gambling advocates.

That plan doesn't just give away licenses to the few people who sponsored the bill- like Ohio's Issue 3. Instead- it forces potential casino operators to bid - guaranteeing billions of dollars of investment in PA- including a new hockey stadium for Pittsburgh.

When it comes to gambling, Ohioans certainly could learn something from PA about earning.

Monday, November 06, 2006

I am thinking this is very funny, no?
A Republican congressman in Indiana complains that telemarketers calling voters on his behalf have such heavy foreign accents they cannot be understood....

very funny...

[fully story here]
Ohio Effective Government Project?
Had a message on my machine this weekend from the "Ohio Effective Government Project" ...

[Listen to Message]

It is a Debra Pryce add- straight up. Mentions her name in the very first sentence.

However- I can find no information about this group except this brief description on OpenSecrets- which says that the group has reported ZERO contributions and ZERO expends:

Stated Purpose
To educate Ohioans concerning issues of vital importance to their daily lives such as the national and state economies, national defense and security, health care, and education, and to inform them of the positions of elected officials and candidates on these issues. To directly or indirectly accept contributions or make expenditures, or both, for exempt function activities within the meaning of section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Email Address

Established Date

Contact Person
Beth Waldren

Contact Address
14 E. Gay Street, Suite 400Columbus, OH 43215

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Blackwell's Perseverative Press Releases Actually Symptom of Rare Psychological Disorder
Two new emails just arrived: one from Merriam-Webster and the other from Ken Blackwell.

The MW email informed me that the word of the day is:

perseverate \per-SEV-uh-rayt\ verb
1 : to repeat or recur persistently
2 : to go back over previously covered ground

It also went on to provide an interesting history of the word- including:

In the early 1900s, psychologists adopted "perseveration" for the act of repeating a behavior over and over again.

And here I was thinking Ken was just an asshole for sending out nasty press releases over and over again...

It turns out he has a genuine pschological disorder- Perseveration- which causes him to send out crap like this every day:

"Michael Moore would be proud of Ted Strickland," LoParo added. "Even Hillary Clinton condemned John Kerry. Strickland just doesn't get it. He is an unabashed Washington D.C. liberal who doesn't understand Ohio values."