Sunday, May 28, 2006

Possessive Provisions
When I saw this sign a few blocks past the one pictured in my previous post, I quickly grabbed my camera and pulled into the parking lot...

Misspelling lottery (lottory- see previous post) is a trivial typo compared to THIS splendid solecism.

This is a paramount punctuation predicament- and I thought that this unnecessary, possessive-making apostrophe would make a good topic for a blog post....

Anyway, the funny thing is that the photo above was not actually taken when I first pulled into the parking lot.

My initial attempt was interrupted by the guy working at the "Super Fresh Food's".
For some reason, he wasn't too thrilled about me taking pictures of his store.

I am not exactly sure why he was so concerned, or even how he noticed me with my small digital camera, but before I even had time to get the sign's words in focus, he was out in front of the store with a not-so-happy look on his face- walking toward me at a not-so-friendly pace.

I quickly returned to my vehicle after snapping this shot:

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Lotto Mistakes

I am certainly no expert on the "sign industry".

So I can't REALLY give you any insight into the flawed process that allowed THIS sign's obvious spelling mistake to be posted high above East Hudson for all to see.

Maybe the store owner misspelled Lottery (Lottory) on the sign order form; or maybe the phone operator made a typo.

Honestly, it doesn't matter.

Mistakes happen.

In every industry, in every process, errors occur- mistakes happen.

But, along the way, someone should have identified this mistake- especially something this obvious. I really wonder how this one slipped past the person who:
  1. approved the order and sent it to the printer
  2. set up the words for printing
  3. printed the sign
  4. cut and packaged the sign
  5. delivered the sign AND
  6. installed the sign

Unfortunately.... it's too late to fix this one.

This sign belongs to a small corner market so, even it they DID know it was wrong, they probably couldn't afford to fix it. Just the sign itself, not including shipping and installation, could cost over $200 ($201.70 according to

NOTE: A Google search for LOTTORY turns up 139,000 results.