Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fly Delta - Join the CIA
In case I haven't mentioned it before: I travel for a living. Which means I'm on a plane at least twice a week.

Normally I sleep on the plane- or put in my earplugs and read the paper. And, generally, I have a few drinks before- and during the flight.

Anyway... about a month ago- while flying home- I looked up and I SWEAR I saw a CIA commerical on the TV during my flight.

Yes. That's what I said. A COMMERCIAL FOR THE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY- on my Delta flight.

Strange- if true. But I wasn't sure if it was real- or if it was the bourbon...

But I needed to find out.

So, for the past few weeks, I payed close attention to the television on the plane- waiting to see the same commercial again.

Finally, this week, I DID!

AND I took a picture of it to prove it was true...

Does ANYONE have any idea why the CIA is advertising on Delta?